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    Founder, Chairman and CEO of NATEC Medical Ltd
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    Senior Project and Development Manager at Nycomed Amersham


Why cultivate a personal brand?

Personal branding consists of building and managing one’s own image (values, skills, vision…), and persuasively communicating this brand to the community at large (clients, collaborators etc.)

Personal branding came into my life at a time when I could take a step back and meditate on my career path and personal life. It enable me to find my real self in the process, but also to acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to the guidance of a coach, I have come to understand - with acute clarity - who I am, what I wanted and who I was. Knowing myself is a strength I rely on when taking professional and personal decisions.

But not only.

It also consists of an authentic intangible heritage founded on personal, humanist, and professional values, convictions and beliefs and the vision that spurred NATEC and that will determine its future. It is important to leave one’s mark.

For my children and collaborators
It is essential to me that my children exert themselves inasmuch as they develop a strong sense of responsibility. That they know about my career path and draw inspiration from it, like I did with my own grand-father’s. That I pass on my values, my convictions. That they understand my choices and, at times, my absences. That a strong work ethic, perseverance and compassion be the foundations of their adulthood. The idea of addressing personal branding is in part linked to the restructuration of the NATEC Group. The diversified and restructured firm contains a Talents&Culture department, which reflects our aspiration to be a liberated company. It is essential that our collaborators understand and adhere to the values stated here. My goal is, ultimately, to liberate myself from the constraints of work and the company in order to set aside time for personal endeavours; it is therefore paramount that my commitment to self-development and rigor is transmitted to my collaborators. Personal branding is an original platform that sensitizes my clients, collaborators and others, who may better understand and share my work ethic and values.
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