If art was told to me

February 5, 2018

Alain Gernigon is called “the man who throws plants into the air”. I had the chance to discover his work at the Attic during Porlwi by Nature. “The Canopy Project”
immediately seduced me because it speaks to the man who loves space and nature and the engineer I am.

This is the first time he participated in this major cultural event in Mauritian life. His monumental sculpture hanged in the air, the poetry of these plants occupying
the space in a geometric and falsely disordered way, these balls of roots that evoke my personal journey, all this challenge me and I had a real crush for this installation.
I immediately imagined it in Natec’s atrium so that as many people as possible could enjoy and admire this work.

I collect works of art of great dimension, I love the work of artists whose creations I hope to contribute to the discovery for some, to the recognition for others.
Art is a sharing. At the end of Porlwi by Nature, we installed “The Canopy Project” in the presence of Alain Gernigon to supervise the work. And I can assure
you that I have come to believe that this creation was made for our offices! The employees are delighted and I share their enthusiasm.

Alain Gernigon’s testimony after the installation:” The Artistic Director and the Site Manager of #Natec-medical, have provided us with efficient help from all points
of view, logistical and human. Once the space has been defined in the new space, Otelair and Diraj’s team are responsible for erecting the scaffolding.
Then we have to find the right spot in the ceiling. The room is hoisted up to find the place that suits it best for its development but also for the aesthetic aspect
of the whole and give the impression that it has always been there!

In the company we have installed two pieces of the same plant species This has contributed to Vincent Lagarde’s indoor garden effect and gives a hanging garden
look! It’s magical for me, it is every time, and this is all the more so because it’s my first installation on Mauritius.  I’m proud to have conquered another universe,
it gives me wings, it gives me the desire to continue to improve my work, my research!


Porlwi by Nature was also the occasion for me to acquire another beautiful work, that of my Artistic and Creative Director, Evan Sohun, famous Mauritian
artist who created a no less famous character, between the dog and the wolf. His statue now stands on the 13th floor of our offices of Umbrella Corp in Ebène.
This sculpture was a complex installation with a pond with plants.

For me, acquiring works of art is still a way of giving back to life what it has given me, it is also a celebration of creativity through the beauty or sensuality of
materials or forms.

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