January 2, 2018

At Natec, we usually meet for our end of year party in beautiful hotels. This year was no exception. At the last minute, the guests discovered the secret location while the theme was “teased” in order to let the creativity of the employees be exercised. This year, our organizing committee, KAMBAR (a local tuber, again a reference to roots) chose “The Great Gatsby”.

More than 200 employees enjoyed the pleasure of the well-deserved celebration after a long year of production. All our Operators, very elegant and delighted to be there, took pictures of each other while our gentlemen paraded in straps and rowboats. Our in-house Mistress of Ceremony, Kat Ether (we manufacture catheters), provided the atmosphere between two numbers. Natec having the chance to welcome artistic talents internally, songs, dances, a parade and even the managers’ dance triggered laughs and applauses. It is also an opportunity for me to talk about the past year, to thank the teams, to greet the starters, and above all, this year, to announce our 20th anniversary next year, with an ambitious programme throughout the year.

This evening, like the previous ones, abolishes the boundaries between employees and Management, allows us to strengthen the ties between colleagues, to live our values of sharing, to reward the seniority of certain employees. It is also an opportunity to celebrate around a good meal and the dance floor.  Mission accomplished!

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