My Dunes de Mer Foundation is launched!

March 2, 2018

“It’s time to give back to life what it gave me”

In this anniversary year of NATEC Medical’s 20th anniversary, it is time for me to formalize my commitment as an eco-citizen, responsible and supportive. After having handed over my COO at the beginning of the year, I now devote more time and energy to my personal projects. And the one that is most important to me, the most involved, the most significant, is the realisation of my Foundation project. Dunes de Mer was born from the poverty and destitution of the inhabitants of the south-west coast of Madagascar, where with my partner, we set up the Five Senses eco lodge. If this unspoilt coastline is of breathtaking beauty, this isolation unfortunately has a price for the Vezo, this semi-nomadic people of fishermen, and for the Mikea, the people of the forest, affected by poverty and destitution.

Fighting against the medical desert, offering free quality care to the inhabitants of the villages in the area between Salary and the Bay of Assassins, offering the skills and time of doctors from Madagascar or elsewhere to serve the population, creating schools to fight illiteracy: these are the solidarity and eco-citizens projects of the Dunes de Mer Foundation.

Dunes de Mer wishes to support a profound and lasting reflection on the cultural identity of the territory and its inhabitants. Thus, the Foundation becomes the actor of a participative dynamic by involving the surrounding populations in all phases of the project, from decision-making to its realization.

The first project to start this year concerns the construction of dispensaries. To launch the Dunes de Mer Foundation, I decided to change the habits of our company by offering our customers a gift card worth 40 euros, which corresponds to the equivalent of 3m2 of its wall, i. e. 40 blocks made on site by the villagers, including materials and labour.

If you wish, you too can continue to contribute to the Fondation Dunes de Mer and you will be kept informed of the progress of the work. Together, let’s commit and become actors of change!

I invite you to discover the Dunes de Mer Foundation on

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