Together we will overcome this incredible and unique moment!

April 14, 2020

We have all been surprised, shocked, maybe even anxious or frightened by the Covid 19 pandemic that hit us all, all over the world.

I am now stating with courage and commitment:

  • Let us stop being submissive;
  • Let us take the initiative and forget the old patterns;
  • Let us surprise ourselves, be at the heart of our competence;
  • Inhale and breathe;
  • Let us be real

For Natec Medical LTs and its partners Abiolabs, Xtruline, Umbrella and of course for the whole world, this crisis must turn into opportunities to learn and to surpass ourselves. We need to identify and strengthen our weaknesses, and remain creative.

At Natec we have put in place a crisis unit from the very first days.

We will give it meaning, ensure its continuity and formalize it once a year in order to:

  • Respond to any risk scenarios going forward;
  • Manage the unexpected;
  • Be able to provide support to all our employees and create links;
  • And above all, communicate well; without clear, precise, factual communication, we are nothing.

Our course, objective and mission, remain the same:

Our products save lives every day.

At time of writing, it is unclear how long the Coronavirus crisis will last or what state the World and Mauritius will be in afterwards. I foresee that the economic situation of Mauritius, will be the same as elsewhere; the economy will contract, trades will decrease, and potentially a huge number of people worldwide will lose their jobs.

It is therefore essential to protect our businesses. Our businesses help us by paying our salaries. Our salary allows us to consume hence contribute to Mauritius’ economy. Consumption generates investments etc.

Without a business there is none of that.

So we have to have the courage to keep producing. We are incredibly fortunate to be a vital company because we make medical devices that save lives. 218 work permits have been granted to some of our employees since 23rd March 2020.

We have resumed our activities on Monday 6th April 2020. It took us 2 weeks to organize ourselves and be able to restart in optimal security conditions with calm and positivity.

Our HR department has personally briefed all employees the terms of this recovery. We have asked all our employees to scrupulously follow the instructions given to them by their head of department during this time.

In addition, out of solidarity with the nation and the people who are most at risk after the medical profession, we have donated 10,000 gloves and 10,000 surgical masks to the Mauritian Police Force as well as 1000 gloves to Morisyen San Frontyer NGO.

Finally, I personally decided to lower my salary by 75% over the next 3 months in order to give Natec every chance to continue its adventure that started 22 years ago.

Once again, we are manufacturing medical devices and there will always be a need for our products to save lives but our growth prospects have changed.

The entire management team is working hard to better manage this crisis and the consequences thereof.

Together we will overcome this incredible and unique moment.


Communiqué of Natec Medical President’

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