Natec strategic workshop

July 25, 2019

At Natec Medical, understanding the demands and nature of our field is certainly no easy task, it requires plenty of innovation and most definitely a vision. Our top management at Natec Medical has been able to identify and officially announce a 5-year plan which will be instrumental in our ongoing quest and mission for saving lives.

Natec Medical’s CEO Vincent Lagarde stated “Last year in May we had our first strategic workshop, we have reviewed our sales objectives. We want to focus more on product diversification and increase our market penetration through the variety of services we offer, Natec aims to become the reference and benchmark in terms of quality and performance for our catheters.”

With these goals in place, we are ready to make our vision a reality. We will continually innovate to meet new and evolving scientific advancements, patient needs, evolving trends and strive to be an international leader in high tech medical devices.

At Natec we realise that Medical device companies are constantly challenged with introducing high performance products faster than ever with industry leading quality and optimized price points. As a result, we work in close partnership with our customers to assure that we deliver high quality medical catheters and devices.

All departments will have a key role to play

The 5 key corporate goals have been further divided into 13 departmental goals ensuring that each department will be instrumental in helping Natec realise their goals. We put a lot of emphasis on empowering our teams as we consider them as the driving force behind our success. Setting up these goals also provides a solid framework in ensuring that everyone involved is going to be making a big difference in the industry of saving people’s lives!

Living the WISE Values through: Employee Engagement, Opportunity, and Success

Natec believes in the philosophy that “Alone we go fast, together we go far”

Our staff is our most critical resource. We value working together with trust, being innovative and sharing transparent information, continuously striving for excellence as well as engaging with respect & an open mind. Having these key elements is what makes Natec Medical special and it wouldn’t be possible without our people.

Living the WISE values is a methodology which has propelled Natec to become the employer-of-choice in their industry, this alignment has helped foster a working environment which encourages team work, eliminate silos and bring in a sense of recognition and belonging.

An organization cannot be optimally successful unless its employees are fully engaged, Natec is fully invested in professional and personal development and committed to their retention, they have the resources they need, and work in an environment that helps them succeed.

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