February 4, 2021

‘ A team that SWEATS together , STICKS together!!’

On 17/12/20 together with my whole Natec family ( including its partners namely Umbrella Corp, Abiolabs, Xtruline, Envaste & OSE) i had a blast at our annual team building which was held at 5- star Lux Belle Mare.

Fun, Thrill, Focus, Leadership, Togetherness, Bonding, … these are among many other vibes that were felt the whole day during the different activities assigned to each group.

I am always spellbound how, during the team-building event, I keep on discovering new traits & strengths of my collaborators .. .even those i thought i knew them very well as i worked with them for a long period of time..

Sharing with you our team-building video – ‘ les moments forts’

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