Natec 2.0 Tech Centre – An optimistic outlook for the future

March 11, 2019

At the beginning of last year, Natec Medical presented its expansion strategy (Natec Medical 2.0) which would anticipate numerous development; such as investment towards infrastructure, more efficient production capacities, enhanced working environment and so on. Fast forward to a year ahead and this vision is already well underway. Our CEO Vincent Lagarde invited the entire Natec Group on 21st February 2019 to be part of the inauguration of Natec 2.0 Tech Centre

With 2019 in motion, we are looking to strengthen our core values and signal our ambition even further. Now that Natec 2.0 Tech Centre has been established, we should be able to attain new targets, further advance our research capabilities, deliver the operational effectiveness required and work even more proactively. The new layout conforms with the best practices and standards of MedTech for the global market.

Discover our new setup!

Revamping our existing setup and continuously seeking innovation, signals the aspirations we have as one of the leading suppliers in our field.

We take great pride in breaking new ground for the benefit of our suppliers and users of our equipment, by providing cutting edge technology. We equally take a lot of pride in ensuring our employees are part of a working environment which resonates well with our company vision. The development and wellbeing of our employees is our constant priority.

Some of the key takeaways from this event presented by our CEO Vincent Lagarde:

Shifting things around

In the coming weeks, we can expect a lot of changes to start taking place. Departments shifting from Maeva Centre to Maeva Tower include Sales & Marketing, R&D, Machine & Equipment and Facilities.

R&D & Regulatory affairs have already transitioned into the new area. The necessity to innovate and adapt to customers’ requirements is vital. For many MedTech providers, the road to innovation starts with R&D.

We’re getting bigger

As part of our WISE values, Striving for Excellence also means, upgrading our workspaces, production capacities amongst others. R&D and Machine & Equipment are key areas which will have 2 times bigger allocated space. Through this shift, we are creating additional cleanrooms in Maeva Centre to match our targeted production capacity for 2019 and further.

All work and no play make you sad and grey! A Fun Surprise awaits…

The idea behind this zone is taking into consideration the wellbeing of our dedicated staff. This should be an area which will essentially help employees decompress, improve morale, reduce stress, stimulate the mind and even enhance interpersonal relationships. We are certainly excited to reveal the final outcome to the Natec crew very soon!

Unsurprisingly this announcement was met with a lot of smiles and positivity, while the details have barely scratched the surface, the surprise of including a FUN ZONE area in the working space is one that the vast majority will be anticipating J

An optimistic outlook for things to come

All employees were able to visit the new premises and familiarise themselves with Natec 2.0 Tech Centre. There was a great sense of excitement and eagerness to discover the new setup.

We have successfully achieved our vertical integration from plastic extrusion facility to sterilisation and microbiology. Our Machine & Equipment department is creating tailored-made equipments and now Natec Medical is innovating its work environment. We are proud of our WISE values that undertake every decision we make. Working in an open and collaborative environment has the added benefit of facilitating communication, opening opportunities for greater innovation and faster decision-making—thereby improving time to market.

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