President of the Republic of Kenya,

April 25, 2019

Mr. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta visits Natec Medical Ltd

The President of the Republic of Kenya, Mr Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, was accompanied by a ten-member delegation which arrived in Mauritius for a State Visit from 09th to 12th April 2019. The visit proved to be fruitful for both Commonwealth countries to further economic and bilateral relations in addition to discussing new avenues of how they can collaborate together.

The theme of the State Visit “Mauritius-Kenya: An Economic Corridor promoting Intra African Trade & Investment” signals the intent of fostering and strengthening ties between the two nations.

On April 11, President Kenyatta and his delegation paid a visit to Natec at their headquarters in Ebene. His Excellency was received by Vincent Lagarde, Chief Executive Officer and Stephane Lefevre, Chief Operating Officer of Natec Medical, in the presence of Sunil Bholah, Minister of Business and Enterprise.

The occasion marked the second high profile visit to Natec Medical this year, as Mauritius has become one of the fastest advancing destinations in the fields of Medical Technology and Treatment in Africa. Natec has positioned itself as a key manufacturer and has a pivotal role in supplying life saving devices across the globe.

” I believe there are great opportunities that exist to deepen our cooperation in a number of fields and I believe as we move forward, we will continue to strongly work together to ensure that we achieve and reach those objectives”, the President said.

The President was thoroughly impressed with Natec’s specialisation of Percutaneous Interventional Medical Devices. He spoke in high regard towards the innovation, state of the art facilities, up to date technology, production capacity of 1 million catheter target for 2019 and the vertical integration strategy of the company.

The Big 4 – Empowering the Nation

President Kenyatta has pledged to dedicate his time, energy and resources to the achievement of the ‘big 4’ for his country. This means he has established a framework and vision to improve the standard of living of Kenyans and promoting a strong inclusive economic growth, as his nation strives to become an upper middle-income country by 2030.

  • 1. Expansion of Manufacturing Sector
  • 2. Affordable Housing
  • 3. Universal Healthcare Coverage
  • 4. Food Security

Discovering new avenues with Natec Medical

Big 4 Strategy

President Kenyatta 

President Kenyatta cited Natec Medical as a commendable organisation which would make a certain impact towards his “Big 4 Strategy” He extended his request to Natec, encouraging them to setup a similar facility in Kenya to help the government achieve its objective of offering affordable quality healthcare.

The devices manufactured by Natec include angioplasty balloon catheters intended for interventional cardiology, interventional radiology, gastroenterology and urology. These are key areas from which Kenya would be able to benefit from. “We are two countries with a common vision, share common principles and values. We are open societies, democratic societies that believe in the rule of law,” the President said.

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